Tabatha Hemmerling

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Ecologically “ECO” friendly, vibrant, beautiful jewelry made from natural products such as seeds and nuts.  Options are endless!  Rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and much more are made from materials such as Tagua, Açai, Bombona, Huayruro, Orange Peel, Watermelon Seeds and much more!

I’ve been designing jewelry the majority of my adult life.  My focus changed from precious metal to Eco Jewelry about 18 years ago when I became cognizant of the downside of traditional precious metal mining.  Jewelry made from seeds and nuts is common in the South American rainforest.  I was introduced to this art in my travels to the region.  I embarked on a project to learn the trade; to rewire my brain from traditional to non-traditional.  I had to learn how to use new tools, product selection, techniques.

My goal is to use renewable plant materials to make, colorful, vibrant jewelry for all American.

As a designer, I love working with my clients.  They are a source of ideas and inspiration.  They make existing designs better or key words provide the seed for a new concept.  

I welcome custom orders!  Simply pick a design and your favorite colors and/or nut shape or seed.